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Welcome to Jewellery Generation our Worldwide Sales Website. We hope to bring you Jewellery, Collectibles and all manner of things. Handmade jewellery using sterling silver, gemstones and hand made Venetian glasses like they did more than 100 years ago. We have even hunted the globe for original vintage old trade beads like that of Chevron and Millefiori glasses. Some being decades old but even more fashionable today due to their collective nature. Then we have our range of antiques, collectibles, fashion items and so much more for you to browse through.  

Browse through our store to find a gift or personal item than can be passed down in years to come as a valuable heirloom.  Jewellery Generation is about vintage to the present time having something for all ages that we hope can be treasured for many years to come. Check our index above for "In Store Specials" as well.

Now Open 6 days per week 9am till 5pm Monday till Saturday.
We wholesale Jewellery, Clothing, Shoes and Canvas Wall Art. Come in and see us and we'll look after your store needs too.
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Postage is included on all sales within Australia unless noted otherwise. Most are all genuine gemstones, Venetian and art glasses and "all" have sterling silver fittings with multi thread steel cable construction. Some are handmade from genuine rare vintage beads. Some of the prices may reflect the rarity and type of material used. To buy these you'll need to use Paypal.  They're all sold on a first in first served basis. I may have more of some only. You'll find the colors and details much better in person.

We can't mail or deliver all our products so you may need to ask before buying unless you can come to our warehouse and pick the items up yourself. The mineral photos on this page are just for display. We do sell minerals and gemstones in our warehouse so come and check them out.

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Email Any Questions To John:  admin@search-the-world.com
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We also now offer a large selection of costume jewellery as well and these are at very affordable prices from only a couple of dollars upward. Many of these items look a million dollars and are very elaborate in design so they're ideal pieces to wear for special occasions without breaking the bank.
Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am till 5pm
We Wholesale Jewellery
Direct To The Public!
We specialize in having large gems in our jewellery and we also wholesale these to other stores direct from our Jewellery factory warehouse section. We're open "Direct To The Public" as well 6 days per week except Sundays. 9am till 5pm. We have thousands of items to choose from.
We also sell a selection of
extra large diamond rings
from 1 to 2.5 carats in size.
We also sell many large loose gems like topaz, Aquamarine, Zircons, Citrine and others.
Sterling Silver Earrings $7.50 a pair.
We have 100's more!
This is only a fraction
of our jewellery range!
We have a massive range of jewellery and make a lot of it in our Jewellery Generation factory right here onsite!
We make individual designs in our jewellery and it's not what you'll see in many other places.
Red coral, black onyx and sterling silver necklace.