All items are sold in good faith as they are and as you see them. We do not take responsibility for any mistakes made in listings and if prices or description are incorrect. We reserve the right to change or correct prices and descriptions as we see fit at any time.

Some items may have vintage components used as part of their construction or sale and we try and list those in the description where possible. Some vintage items may be brand new but were never used from those periods as well. Depending on where our sources come from at the time. 

If an item is faulty after you purchase it we will take every step required to rectify that for you. Just let us know and we'll assist you the best way we can. Sometimes we'll replace the item or components to rectify that situation. Sometimes things go wrong but we'll do our best to solve these issues for you.

Item descriptions are just basic generalizations and may not always be the right technical term for each and every item we sell. And we cannot guarantee that every item is technically described as it should be. You buy it as you see it and must decide for yourself if you like the products we sell.

Prices are determined by many factors. Online we include free postal delivery within every price if its available for delivery by post or carrier for jewellery. Some items may only be available through direct pickup only and we usually specify this. If items have extra postage charges they will be marked that way.

Prices also vary greatly depending on our source costs, manufacturing costs, overheads, cost of materials, postage and so forth so every item is priced to take in these factors.  We try and bring you the best prices for what we sell. At times we may also have some sales on selected items.

Jewellery Components: We try and use as many natural components as possible. Sometimes these items may be dyed, heat treated or altered in other ways to make them more appealing. Sometimes artificial components may also be used. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of every item or component we use or sell. Basically you must decide if what you see is what you want. 

We use: Black Onyx, Emerald, Sapphire, Moonstone, Agate, Jasper, Ruby, Turquoise, Malachite, Chalcedony, Lapis Chrysocolla, Lapis, Amethyst and many others. Not all gemstones used are of the highest gem quality and they may only be gemstone quality. And sometimes base materials are used in the manufacturing process that we have no actual part in.  That's just the way we buy the components in.

We also use Vintage Murano Venetian Millefiori Hand Made Beads, Art Glass Hand Made Beads, Sterling Silver Beads And All Have Solid Sterling Silver Fittings. For many necklaces we use multi strand steel wire for durability.
If your necklace is worn or broken we do offer a restringing service making them in the same manner as you see them in the store.

Prices and descriptions are placed under each listed item in most cases. Please double check you're clicking on the right price for the item you may want. If you find a mistake just let us know and we'll fix it thanks. Postage is included in all jewellery sales. Other items like antiques and collectibles may have defined postage charges on top of prices due to their weight. 

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