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              Jewellery & Collectibles In A Style Of Its Own

Having been in many different businesses over the years and then retired I've found myself wanting to continue with yet another business in the jewellery and collectibles field as I was doing this since the age of 8. So now setting up Jewellery Generation I hope to bring something a little different to this area in way of many handmade jewellery items as well as things that people may find collectible.

From precious and semi precious gemstone jewellery to art, sculptures and all manor of interesting collectibles I'm sure you'll find many things of interest looking through our store. Want a special gift that's different? Then you're at the right place because you can only get that from people that handcraft much of what they sell as we do.

From using sterling silver, gold, handmade Venetian glass beads, chevron beads and gemstones all combined in different ways to bring about individual designed items you'd be proud to wear or share as a gift. Many of our items will appreciate in value over time so they can be passed down to other family members as heirlooms as well. The best part of all is we aren't the most expensive store and most items are designed and sold with this in mind.  

Come and shop in our store the next time you're close bye to see if you can find a lasting memento for you're friend or partner that they'll appreciate for many years to come.